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  1. Please ensure you follow the instructions below to obtain your travel certificate

  2. 1) Please read the instructions provided with your test to ensure you correctly perform the self-test.

  3. 2) Date and Initial the test Cassette Before performing your test.

  4. 3) Take an image of the unused blank test cassette placed beside your passport

  5.     (showing the date and your initials). **Please ensure you do this before you start your test** 

  6. 4) Perform the self-test following & taking note of the instructions contained with the Kit. 

  7. 5) Take the second image of the test cassette placed beside your passport After you have completed your test.  (showing your test result, date and initials)

  8. 6) Complete and submit this online questionnaire with your 2 images.

  9. 8)  The Information you have provided will be verified and a certificate issued to you by email

  10. Additional Information - After your Test 

  • After your Test,  please place the used Test Cassette showing the negative result into the clear bag provided with the test kit Pack. Keep this safe and take this negative test result with you to your point of departure as evidence of your negative test.

  • You will Receive your Certificate as soon as the information you have provided has been verified.​

  • You should hear from us within the next 3 - 6  hours for forms submitted between 9am and 3pm Mon - Fri

  • Forms submitted outside these hours will be processed before 11am the Next Working Day.

  • If you need your test Certificate urgently, in an emergency or if you have any queries, please call us on: 01772 342020 or email us on:

  • Outside office hours - We will do our utmost to assist you, in any way we can. 

Part 1 -Personal Information

Part 2 - Your Test

1. Did you conduct the Antigen Self-Test correctly and did you follow the test instructions provided ?
2. What is the test result? (Negative means you are not infected)
3. If Negative, Do you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed below ? (sorted by frequency)
(If Yes, Please Contact us) This service is not available
  • Fever over 38.5°C (88%)

  • Dry cough (68%)

  • Smell or taste disorder (60%)

  • Fatigue (38%)

  • Cough with phlegm (33%)

  • Muscle or joint pain (15%)

  • Sore throat (14%)

  • Headache (14%)

  • Chills (11%)

  • Nausea or vomiting (5%)

  • Stuffy nose (5%)

  • Diarrhoea (4%)

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               Thank you for submitting this information.

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